Help students Learn How to Save Lives, While Having Fun

What's more impactful than empowering your students to save lives? The Be The Beat School Challenge will help your students learn lifesaving Hands-Only CPR and how to use an AED while competing with other schools for points and prizes!

The Spring 2014 School Challenge is currently underway. Individual students may register or log in and complete the Challenge missions on their own for personal points, and any missions your students complete will count toward their school's completion rate.


Students will tour through an online lesson with fun, engaging sections about how the heart works, recognizing a sudden cardiac arrest, performing Hands-Only CPR and using an AED.

Each time a student completes a section, they earn points for your school. The school with the most points in your division will win a prize package from the American Heart Association and gets a chance to create a music video to be featured on BetheBeat and in other American Heart Association materials. Best of all, it's FREE! Learn more about the challenge below, or register your school now.





Almost 80% of cardiac arrests happen outside a hospital (like at home or even at school) this lifesaving information could be the difference between life and death of someone your students love. Moreover, the Be the Beat School Challenge also supports National Health Education Standards to promote personal, family and community health. Not only can the program integrate with your physical education, science, and health class curricula or CPR mandates, but and can help students:

  • - Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention
  • - Use decision-making skills to enhance health
  • - Access valid information to enhance health

High-resolution graphics, 3-D models, and dynamic quizzes give students a high-end digital learning experience while having a blast.


For the next School Challenge launching in the fall, schools will be split into 5 divisions based on enrollment. The school in each division with the highest completion rate per class will win. Each of the five winning schools will be asked to submit an essay, which will determine the grand prize winner.

Sign up now to start planning, so you and your students are ready to go when the competition begins!


The school challenge offers videos, games and quizzes about recognizing a cardiac arrest, Hands-Only CPR, how to use an AED, and a 3-D exploration of the heart. Upon finishing the modules, students will have to answer a quiz in order to pass the section.


Any school, any class, or any individual student can compete in the challenge. Principals or school nurses can register their school and encourage classroom teachers to make the challenge part of the lesson plan. Classroom teachers and school leaders can register their class to compete. Students can register and compete on an individual level earning points for their school, or can compete as a member of a classroom (we think it's more fun when everyone's working together to win!) The modules can be completed in one class period, or divided out over several, depending on distractions and lesson plans.

In addition to schools and classrooms, student service organizations, leadership clubs and after-school programs can also register for the challenge.

Register Now

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If your students are not registering for the challenge individually, please manually add the number of students participating in the challenge by updating your profile so that we can accurately track your classroom's progress.

Lesson Plans

Download Lesson Plans and materials to help you incorporate Be the Beat into your curriculum.

Celebrate Your
Students' Success

Download a certificate of completion once your students have completed the activities in the lesson plans or on the site.

CPR and AED Training

To take the learning further, the American Heart Association offers CPR programs for schools. The CPR Anytime® all-in-one kit teaches core CPR skills in about 20 minutes in the classroom or home.

Family & Friends CPR® is a video-driven course designed to be taught over several class periods. Students can learn Hands-Only™ CPR, adult/child AED use, child CPR, infant CPR and choking relief and practice while watching skills performed accurately on the video. This course now can be led by "facilitators" (such as educators or school nurses) who wish to help pass on lifesaving CPR skills to students in the classroom. Both programs utilize the latest science and provide maximum hands-on practice time to improve retention.

Call 1-877-AHA-4CPR for more information about CPR training courses from the American Heart Association.

School Spotlight

Beginning in 2004, Open Door Christian Schools in Elyria, Ohio has been piloting a full-scale program to teach lifesaving CPR skills to students from Kindergarden through 8th grade. Students first learn about emergencies and how to make 911 calls, how to relieve choking and use an AED. In 6–8th grades they get a quick CPR course using CPR Anytime©. By high school, they take a CPR certification course under the guidance of health and physical education teacher Lowana Dunckel and school nurse Kim Shumate. Heartsafe Kids© is enthusiastically received by students and we believe it will pay big dividends in future lives saved.

Spotlight Archives

Nurses to the Rescue!

School nurses are a critical link in the chain of survival, providing crucial ongoing and emergency care for students.
Connie Carmany, RN, BSN, BA
Heartsafe Kids© Program Director

SCAA of NE Ohio

Guest Column

Heartsafe Kids©: A model for addressing cardiac arrest in a community

Each year in the U.S., nearly 300,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside hospitals, and most don't get CPR from a bystander. Without immediate CPR and defibrillation, a victim's chance of survival decreases each minute. For the past 50 years, adults have been taught CPR yet the statistics aren't improving.

I created Heartsafe Kids, an innovative, age-appropriate, reality-based, technology-rich approach to teaching lifesaving CPR and AED use in schools designed to help turn the sudden cardiac death statistics upside down!

From an early age, children will learn critical skills to help save a life which will be reinforced as they progress through school. By the time they graduate, we hope to have created a generation of CPR/AED-savvy students who have the confidence and willingness to save a life.

Through our Heartsafe Kids program, students learn the following skills:
  • K-3: Recognizing an emergency, 9-1-1/EMS access, obstructed airway, AED introduction
  • Grades 4-5: Review, choking prevention and relief, AED use
  • Grades 6-8: Choking prevention and relief, CPR with AED
  • Grades 9-12: CPR/AED certification, risk factors, healthy lifestyle
  • High School: Skill proficiency, mock rescues, emergency rescue system, mentoring younger students

Heartsafe Kids started in 2004 at Open Door Christian Schools in Elyria, Ohio. We now reach schools in a three-county area with the help of many partner and industry organizations.

So, why should you teach emergency lifesaving skills in schools?
  • To meet AHA or federal and state guidelines
  • Training can be integrated with other curriculum goals in health, safety, social studies, PE and technology classes
  • Students are eager and empowered by learning lifesaving skills
  • Helps build self-confidence and good citizenship among students

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